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Lovell Government Services is a leader in Wholesale Pharmaceutical distribution & Healthcare Solutions. We are a team of experienced, trusted advisors with a proven history of success in partnering with manufacturers to introduce their valuable products and services to the federal and commercial marketplace.

Products and Services

3M Healthcare

3M helps healthcare professionals protect and care for patients by providing solutions that help prevent complications and improve patient-focused clinical experiences and outcomes.

Artelon Tissue Reinforcement

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Artelon is the leader in dynamic soft tissue technology, and the future of tendon and ligament surgery is dynamic.

Bionicare Knee System

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BioniCare is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment option for osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of the hand. The BioniCare system provides an electrical signal that stimulates the joint tissue to reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis and helps maintain the health of the knee joint and improve the function of the hand.

Bridging Biosciences

Bridging Biosciences solves unmet medical needs through innovative diagnostic, digital and point-of-care technologies that demonstrate material impact (quality, outcomes, cost-effectiveness) throughout global healthcare. At Bridging Biosciences, we have a passion for creating solutions that make translational medicine possible.

BVI Medical

BVI is a highly regarded ophthalmic device manufacturer offering a broad range of single use instruments and custom procedure packs.

BVI provides innovative and high quality products that perform consistently and predictably for surgeons. Our brands are considered standard of care in most ophthalmic specialties.

Calming You Down Anywhere, Anytime

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CalmiGo is a natural, portable, drug-free solution that can be used in moments of upset, anxiousness, and stress. It is an effective and unique solution that can be used both for immediate relief in moments of distress and for long-term effectiveness.

Cardiac Insight has dozens of decades of combined expertise in spearheading diagnostic solutions. Our team of medical, technology and healthcare experts is singly focused on developing innovative, patented technologies for cardiology, respiratory and other complex disease states that are uniquely designed to enhance clinical efficacy to the benefit of patients and physicians.

Ceek Women’s Health

Ceek is a company created by women, for women. We understand women’s health issues. It is our unique perspective that allows us to uncover opportunities often overlooked by today’s medical companies. As a team, we aim to transform these opportunities into solutions and find the best way to bring them to the world.

Central Solutions

Central Solutions is an EPA & FDA manufacturer of skin care and infection control products, with over 95 years of experience. Rather than simply duplicate offerings readily available in the marketplace, Central Solutions offers customers the opportunity to partner in creating solutions formulated to their specific preferences and needs.

From initial formulary concepts, through the research & development phase, and ultimately to final production, we walk alongside our customers throughout the entire process.

Essential Moves in Trauma

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Citieffe’s mission is to provide the essential ingredients for Trauma Management, particularly for Internal and External fixation, Prosthesis and General Surgical Instruments.


Hemosure is a trade name recognized worldwide in immunological fecal occult blood testing, also known as iFOB or FIT testing. Colorectal Cancer, when discovered in the early stages, is the most preventable and curable of all cancers. Routine CRC screening is extremely important, which is why Hemosure is dedicated and focused on educating physicians and patients on this subject.

Insightra Medical

Insightra Medical is an innovative medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-add devices to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Insightra Surgical Solutions is our fastest growing specialist unit, which focuses on two strategic growth areas: hernia repair and orthopaedic solutions.


LivsMed is changing the paradigm of minimal invasive surgery by creating a new generation of medical devices that do not exist today. We bring advanced laparoscopic surgical instruments to physicians to enable them to provide advanced clinical care for their patients world-wide.

New Options Sports

New Options Sports proudly manufactures American-made, quality orthopedic and sports medicine bracing. In addition to products for adults, we offer a complete line of pediatric products. Kids need braces too.  Serving the orthopedic arena for over 40 years, the quality and design of our products are second to none and all products are made of latex-free materials. Only the best raw materials go into New Options Sports’ products.


Because Surgical site infections are detrimental, yet preventable

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SurgX is an innovative surgical gel designed to help reduce superficial
surgical site infections (SSIs) and protect wound tissue to facilitate natural
healing. The clever combination of proven ingredients and elegant
chemistry destroys pathogens within the gel and defends post-surgical
wounds from infection and biofilm formation.

Nvision Biomedical Technologies

Nvision is a San Antonio-based medical device and biologics company focused on providing surgeons with implants paired with instrumentation and biologics that simplify and improve surgery procedures to help patients get back to their quality of life.

Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.

Pharmaceutical Associates Inc. manufacturers and markets generic liquid pharmaceuticals. We have been at the forefront of producing better-targeted suspensions, oral solutions, elixirs, syrups and liquids for nearly 50 years.

PAI offers a broad portfolio of more than 60 prescription and over-the-counter therapies to treat patients. Some of our core strengths include brain, immune, metabolic and digestive health. For the OTC market, we provide a wide variety of affordable medications to treat allergies and upper respiratory symptoms, minor aches and pains, constipation and more.

Plymouth Medical

Plymouth Medical is an organization specialized in Regenerative Medicine which promotes a wide array of evidence-based products spanning the therapeutic continuum.

We specialize in orthopedics, sports medicine and pain management, while also marketing our core products to dermatology, plastics, podiatry, rheumatology and OBGYN customers.

RGF Environmental Group

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 30+ year history of providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. We are the leader in air, water, and food purification and strive to make the world a safer, cleaner and better place to live for us, our children and for generations to come.

Synergy Prosthetics

Synergy Prosthetics is a family owned and operated healthcare practice with an established reputation and over 40 years of service in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area. Our corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, California and we are one of the few P&O companies left that provides in house fabrication and custom prosthetic and orthotic work.

Clinically proven treatment for your Osteoarthritis knee pain

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VQ OrthoCare is a leading provider of noninvasive, patient-centered medical solutions for bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions.

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